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Keeping Community ties Strong

June 30, 2018 Our programs can involve a team of varsity athletes, striving to improve their leadership and communication skills for the upcoming season. Our programs can also be celebratory in nature where grade levels honor their accomplishments and their commitment to their Full Value Learning Contract with a day on our course, applying the skills they practiced throughout the year. Whatever the program, our objectives are to build healthy communities and create lifelong learners out of all our participants. Each year, it is our pleasure to host families from the Beverly Children’s Learning Center. While this is a less structured day, we still work on communication skills and understanding the idea of Challenge by Choice because it’s not about climbing the highest or the fastest, it’s about reaching the goal you set out to achieve. And that’s what these families did. They spent the afternoon working together and supporting one another. Through their teamwork and comradery, we were reminded of our community, and how it takes all of us working together to make a change we can be proud of for future generations. 

Project Adventure and Schooner Adventure Receive Cape Ann Community Foundation Grant

   Two Local Non-Profit Organizations Founded with Goals of Building Sustainable Learning Communities Come Together with the Cape Ann Community Foundation Grant GLOUCESTER, Mass., June 18, 2018 – Project Adventure out of Beverly, MA and the Schooner Adventure out of Gloucester, MA have been developing quality youth programming, founded in providing transferable leadership skills to youth that will help build their neighborhoods and learning communities. With this grant, they plan to combine their resources and create a program that is both on land and sea and support the current and future Cape Ann workforce by instilling real-world leadership skills in the youth of the local area.  Both of these organizations believe that change is necessary for growth to take place and that change also comes from a leader who has an inspiring vision of the future, motivates people to act on that vision, and coaches them so there is not just one leader, but a group of leaders intent on achieving that vision. Project Adventure and the Schooner Adventure plan to create a leadership program that encourages middle and high school aged students to step out of their comfort zones and stretch into a place where they become the role model and make a difference in their communities. “We are excited to be part of this collaborative effort with Project Adventure,” stated the Executive Director at Schooner Adventure, Stefan Edick. “I believe that by sharing platforms and resources we can better benefit the community. Like Project Adventure, we offer a place for learning where young people find the strength they had not expected.” By providing an experience that takes students on land and sea, they will apply their skills to each situation and come to understand the different roles they can play as a member of a group. Richard Ross, the Executive Director at Project Adventure, believes that “it is our goal to provide students with an experience that allows them to be a leader at any level and to realize that providing leadership is not forcing a group to follow orders, but to create an environment of shared responsibility. We have been working with the Schooner Adventure staff to think of innovative ways to collaborate on projects that would allow youth to take part in a new experience, and this grant will help us start what we had envisioned.” Pictured above from left to right:Bruce Feldman, Norie Mozzone, Stefan Edick, Ruth Pino, Richard Ross, Ashley Corcoran, Pat Slade

Social and Emotional Learning Symposium



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Project Adventure's "hands-on" SEL (social and emotional learning) programming allows children and adults to learn and experience critical social and emotional skills. Our programs promote the teaching and application of social and emotional competencies through engaged, experiential learning activities.

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