For anyone working with at-risk youth, we are hosting an Adventure with Youth At-Risk workshop at the Kroc Center Boston on February 7-9. The goal of this workshop is to give participants new strategies that utilize experiential learning to increase the prosocial behavior of youth.

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The Importance of Being a Mentor

Among the many roles Camille Oosterman takes on at Project Adventure, one of them is a mentor. Even though she may not always feel like she has an impact on the lives of students she only spends six hours a day with, she does. As a co-worker, it's hard not to have her energy, enthusiasm, and kindness rub off on you.  Here's her story. In my mind, there’s a big difference between being a mentor and being a role-model, but both are equally important for students who are still figuring out their role in society. Being a role-model takes some, but minimal, effort. It involves being present and a force for good that others can easily see. Being a mentor is significantly more challenging. There’s a delicate balance between offering support versus influencing choice. Two years ago, I worked with a school from Salem, MA for a single six-hour day. I had no idea that I would make a deeper connection with one of those students. Her name is Anna, and she is amazing. When Anna first joined the Leaders In Training (LIT) program, a summer program at Project Adventure for high school students who then become role models to younger campers, she was very quiet and seemingly introspective. I quickly came to discover that a lot of this was attributed to shyness, and as she assessed her surroundings and the group she was a part of, she began to open up and reveal this insightful and funny young woman. It was wonderful to get to know her during this time and understand the sort of information she needed to explore future leadership roles. Anna evolved into the person I now know during the week with the campers. She has an instinct for facilitation that simply cannot be taught, so when she asked me about the YCP internship, I gave her as much information as possible. I knew what a valuable experience the internship had been for me, and I wanted to provide Anna with that opportunity and more. It is difficult for me to try to take any credit for Anna’s success. I truly believe that her own drive and nature allowed her to choose these experiences and grow as an empathetic individual. However, I have been there through every step of her process. When she asked for my opinion, I have given it willingly and as a mentor, I aimed to offer as much information as possible without swaying her in any particular direction. I know that Anna will make whatever choice is best for her and that she knows I am always ready to offer guidance and support. Choose to be that person who does the right thing, who says the kind word, who changes the course of one person's day. If you put forth the effort once, you'll make a bigger difference in the world around you than you thought you would.  

Reaching New Heights

BOSTON, Mass. Jan.8, 2017 The recent snow storm brought out everyone’s sense of adventure from skiing down the streets in Beacon Hill to binging shows on Netflix while sitting comfortably on the couch. Whatever your level of engagement with the cold, we know it’s time to climb and what better way than with the Adventure Programming workshop being offered indoor at the Kroc Corps Community Center in Boston. A couple of months ago, our Youth and College Programs staff visited the Kroc Center to take inventory of the high elements installed and prepare them for use with Open Enrollment workshops and school programming. One of the elements, the Space Station, a platform with a view of the Boston skyline from the gymnasium window, allows future participants the challenge of climbing to the top and then self-rappelling back to the gym floor. Another, less visible element, is the Flying Squirrel. Taking part in this activity will give you the feeling you’re flying as your team safely pulls you to height. These experiences were ones that we could only offer outdoors or at your site, but now that we’ve partnered with the Kroc Center, we hope to engage more members of the surrounding communities with these experience as time goes on and our partnership strengthens. We have quite a few workshops scheduled to take place at this incredible facility. Our first is Adventure Programming on January 22-25 and Social and Emotional Learning through Adventure on January 25-26. These are great opportunities to bring new energy to your school or organization during a time when staying indoors is your only option. Click here for more information and to register for these workshops. ​

Walking the Walk

BEVERLY, Mass., October 17, 2017 The idea of social and emotional learning is a hot topic amongst educators everywhere. These “soft” skills are often seen as one more thing to evaluate, include, and measure over the course of the school year; one more thing on a list of a hundred that educators need to make sure they impart upon their students in a day that never seems long enough. So how do we turn the practice of social and emotional competencies into a way of life so that it’s not just one more thing? We hosted a webinar to overview the importance of having students experience the somewhat complex social and emotional learning competencies that often mirror their school and district core values. We believe that if you can feel your learning, and make connections to the skills, you’ll have a higher chance of retaining what you learned. That is the foundation of Project Adventure, and we continue to practice what it’s like to “walk the walk” through our programs with students, faculty, and administrators. We seek to incorporate the practice of social and emotional competencies in all the work we do through the use of adventure.​



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