Social & Emotional Learning

Since 1971, Project Adventure has been working with students and faculty to transform education from an academic venture to a holistic endeavor. 

Education should comprise academic, physical, social and emotional development. Project Adventure (PA) continues to develop innovative ways to explicitly teach what is now regarded by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) as the five core competencies of social emotional learning (self-awareness, self-management, relationships, decision-making and social awareness). We know that these skills are necessary to accelerate and sustain growth in classrooms and life and through our growing evidence-base, curricula, publications, trainings, and partnerships, we have only become more passionate about helping schools transform education.

How PA Transforms Schools

 Integrated Implementation 

  • We strengthen school climate and culture by defining and animating shared values and SEL goals.

  • We build internal capacity to achieve goals through vetted train-the-trainer models.

  • We foster school/family/community partnerships.

Professional Development  

  • We conduct extensive needs assessments to customize faculty trainings and ongoing coaching. 

  • We offer open-enrollment workshops in Adventure in the Classroom, Adventure with Youth at Risk, Adventure Curriculum for PE, and many more.

Direct Service for Youth  

  • We explicitly focus on SEL on challenge course days.

  • We facilitate portable adventure programming in the classroom in support of SEL goals.

  • We establish and train peer leadership teams, extracurricular groups and athletic teams.


  • Dedicated and experienced trainers and facilitators.

  • Extensive online network & database at PA Connect.

  • A range of publications, curricula and products.


Next Steps

To find out more about how PA can support SEL at your school, call us at 978.524.4554 or email

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